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Two Lines and Three Centers - Constructing Ideological Coordinates and Cultural Soil over Ten Billio

2019-06-21 11:33:18

1. Break the barrier of fixed working hours based on work results.

At present, the group is in the stage of management reform and rapid development. Every company, department and post needs to keep up with the management rhythm and operation rhythm of the group. Many work items are interlinked and closely linked. Any link in the middle is too slow to keep up with the rhythm, which will affect the overall step of the group. Felling. You also feel that the pace of work is getting faster and faster, and many departments are working overtime every day. If today's business is delayed to tomorrow and tomorrow's business is delayed to the day after tomorrow, it will inevitably affect the group's annual goals. The working system of 996 and 007, which has been hotly discussed on the Internet recently, is actually a true portrayal of the fierce competition in various industries. Here, we also hope that you can truly achieve results-oriented work, do not lag behind, and break down the barriers of fixed working hours when necessary, which is a reflection of professionalism in the context of the new era.

Second, we should take "two lines and three hearts" as our working guidelines.

1. To build the bottom line and pursue the top line.

The bottom line is the most basic work requirements that every post must meet and the code of conduct that must be followed. The bottom line must be clear and strong. This is the "basic law" of our company. Over the past two years, the Group has made a lot of actions in organizational structure adjustment, rules and regulations, process improvement and cultural construction, including the appointment and removal of managers, transfer, high-intensity issuance of systems, process optimization and so on. These are all guarantees for the bottom line of our work. In order to achieve the set goals, the group must constantly improve our work bottom line standards and management bottom line standards, so as to ensure the survival of our enterprises.

Of course, if we want to live better, if we want to be the top ten in our province and the top 30 in our country, it requires each of us to work from our hearts, take the company's business as our own, and pursue high standards of work online. Some people may ask: What is "online"? What is "high standard"? Online is not the ceiling, it is our pursuit of progress, the pursuit of excellence guide line, it improves with the improvement of the bottom line of work, our pursuit of "high standards" will never end. Online is not spoken out, high standards are not formulated, it is all the employees who work hard! Only by working hard, can the company produce high-performance products, and guarantee the financial freedom of every employee. Recently, a high turnover real estate benchmarking enterprise concerned by Group executives has found that the corporate culture, process control, system construction and reward and penalty clauses of the company are very clear, very clear, that is, the bottom line is very clear. The company's working system is basically close to 007. It's perfectly normal to receive business calls at 11:12 p.m., with the average middle-level salary of nearly one million a year. I also hope that you can earn millions or even millions of dollars a year, which requires us to constantly innovate, constantly change, and pursue online. There must be a world-wide difference between "working hard, pursuing online" and "doing things perfunctorily".

2. We should improve our sense of responsibility, stimulate our ambition and enhance our career.

First of all, we should improve the sense of responsibility of all employees. Responsibility means meeting the requirements of the bottom line of the work, being able to complete the work without any discount according to the requirements of the group and the company and the basic duties of the post, being responsible for the results of the work, the rules and regulations, and being responsible for the leaders at the higher levels when there is no system. Employees with a strong sense of responsibility will move closer to the online work. On the contrary, the requirement of the bottom line of work can not be met, the problem will not be found and solved voluntarily, and the solution will not be put forward actively. "When a monk strikes a bell one day", he can live and muddle through the day without pressure in his work. This is the expression of no sense of responsibility. Such irresponsible employees and groups will never tolerate it. This kind of person destroys the corporate culture and hinders the healthy development of the enterprise. Such people, whether senior managers, middle-level employees or ordinary employees, we must resolutely weed out our team.

Secondly, we should stimulate the aspiration of middle-level cadres. The middle-level cadres of the group and its companies are in the middle position of the organizational structure. They act as a bridge between the decision-making and executive levels. They are the important hub of the whole group. The builders and disseminators of the corporate culture of the whole company are the important support points for the comprehensive, fast and healthy operation of the group. It is self-evident that it is important to stimulate the aspiration of middle-level cadres. Enterprising spirit means not satisfying the current situation, actively enterprising spirit of struggle and striving for the upstream spirit. It is on the basis of a sense of responsibility and on the premise of meeting the requirements of the bottom line of work, striving to pursue high standards of expectations, that is, to pursue the upper line of work. As middle-level cadres, they should devote more energy to their work, dare to be the first, not be afraid of hardships, create new opportunities, dare to surf and set an example for their subordinates. They should really set an example, and at the same time, they should constantly self-innovate, self-review and self-reflection to gradually improve the overall performance, output and pursuit of the department. Work on line. At present, the group is in the stage of rapid development. Only by daring to think bravely and assume responsibility, can we achieve a win-win situation of personal growth and company performance.

Thirdly, we should strengthen the career of senior leaders. From the start-up to the present, the group is about to reach its thirtieth year. Many company executives have worked in the group for decades, but also for ten or eight years. They have witnessed each other, witnessed wind and rain, witnessed growth and witnessed transformation. It is because we share the same belief that the strategic goal of carrying the dreams of thousands of Desheng people will be achieved. In fact, this is the enterprise's ambition. It is closely related to the development of the enterprise and the realization of the goal of the enterprise as a high expression of its life value. Executives of companies should devote all their efforts to work well, accomplish tasks, do not show off in practice, do not invite merit for achievements, suffer grievances or complaints, do not pass the buck in front of responsibilities, and devote all their efforts to work. They must be "three uneasy" and "see that nobody is upset about their work and their work is not done thoroughly". Anxiety, responsible for the work is not well nervous, put personal gains and losses on the interests of the enterprise, work as a career, treat the enterprise as their own life, be a good "leader" and do a good job of "locomotive"!

Finally, I hope that in this platform of the group, you will be energetic, adhere to the bottom line, pursue the line, drive your work with responsibility, ambition and enterprise. As always, I believe that there are no bad things to do, no problems that can not be solved, with all your efforts, the group will be able to go further!

—— Extracted from "Chairman Zhang Zehui in Group Headquarters in the first quarter of 2019"

Speech at the Work Conference of Senior and Middle-level Executives

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