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Industry News

Endeavour for 30 Years and Start Again with Passion

2019-09-11 09:31:19

Launching Ceremony of De Sheng Group's Thirty Years Series Activities

And the 30km relay race was held grandly

On May 19, the launching ceremony of the series of activities celebrating the 30th anniversary of De Sheng Group was held in the headquarters of the Group. More than 60 senior executives, senior executives and financial officers of the Group participated in the launching ceremony to prepare momentum for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Group next year and share the group's creation in advance. The joy of victory on the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

8:08 Group Chairman Zhang Zehui made an important speech

Zhang Zehui, chairman of the board of directors, briefly reviews the way of the group's entrepreneurship development in the past 30 years, expresses his sincere thanks to each of the people who helped the group to develop De Sheng, and elaborates on the future development of the group - "Double Hundred Dreams". He points out that only De Sheng people are united, responsible, ambitious and enterprising. "Three Hearts" as a support, to build the bottom line, the pursuit of online "two lines" as the grasp, not forget the original intention, to go all out, in order to ensure that the group's basic industry evergreen.

8:22 Group Chairman Assistant Wang Huicha released the 30-year series of activities deployment arrangements Specific activity plans include compiling "De Sheng Thirty Years" Memorial book, recording group promotional film, recording group song, and various series of cultural activities. Mr. Wang urged companies to fully recognize the importance of the group's 30th anniversary activities next year and expand participation in order to celebrate and promote development, celebrate with development and take practical actions. Group's 30th anniversary.

8:28 De Sheng Group's 30-year Series of Activities Initiation Ceremony was officially launched Group Chairman Zhang Zehui, Group Audit Director Wang Caixia, Group Executive President Han Xueqing, Group Finance Director Duan Fuzheng, Group Chairman Assistant Wang Huicha came to power. With the silk of golden sand in the cup sprinkled on the starter, the five golden characters of "Desheng 30 years" become clearer and clearer, which symbolizes that the future of the group will be brilliant!

8:40 group photo to commemorate all participants group photo to commemorate, fixed this moment is not easy to come and precious beautiful!

9:20 Desheng Group's first leg of 30-year series of activities-30 km relay race

All the participants, wearing uniform sports T-shirts, competed fiercely in the 30km relay race in Donghuan Park. In the course of the competition, you catch up with me and try your best to feel the pleasure and passion of sports. After some contests, the top management team, the property team and the Hebei Changrui team won the first, second and third places in the competition respectively. This relay race fully demonstrates the spirit of teamwork and striving for the first place, improves internal cohesion, and guides a more active and healthy lifestyle and corporate culture.

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